Surrey Iaff Collective Agreement

v) At the request of a firefighter and upon receipt of a medical examination of the pregnancy, the firefighter transfers the firefighter to another position within the fire department or in mutual agreement with the association outside the fire department. The worker performs the delegated duties during the pregnancy and receives her regular salary while working at work and in the course of these duties. NEXT CHARITY MEETING Date: 14 December 2020 Time: 10:30 a.m. Time: 18922 88. Ave. 29.01 MATERNITY LEAVE – A worker is entitled, on written request, to pregnancy leave on the following basis: During the two-week EI wait, Strathcona County will increase the salary to 95% of the member`s normal salary. To obtain the supplemental benefit, it is necessary to check whether a member is receiving EI benefits. A medical certificate must be presented to the emergency services, confirming the date of birth of the child and the duration of the leave declared by the doctor for health reasons. During the health portion of maternity leave, Strathcona County will increase wages to 95% of members` normal income. Coverage of the member`s benefits at the time of discharge continues during the health-related absence portion. At the end of this period, parental leave begins and benefit coverage continues when the member pays a portion of the premium cost to the two employer-employees.

NEXT UNION MEETING Date: TBD Time: 18:30 time Location: Station 1271 18922 88 Ave. Surrey, BC D. Pregnant workers may also apply for non-occupational disability leave for the duration of the disability, in accordance with Section 5 of this article. Section 3. At the request of the staff or on the instructions of their treating physician, the employee concerned is placed on “Light Duty” if available. Light Duty will be made up of; The rate unit member remains in this task safe until the member of the tariff unit is no longer disabled due to a pregnancy or related illness and his or her doctor certifies that he or she is able to return to their regular employment. 3. The employer may require a pregnant worker to take maternity leave if the worker`s obligations cannot reasonably be met because of the pregnancy. In such cases, the period of leave previously provided by the employee is not affected.

After proof of a worker`s pregnancy, alternative levies are immediately made available to the mother or child, without loss of salary or benefits. Notwithstanding the above clauses, which take effect as a supplementary benefit plan by the Labour Insurance Board after confirmation of the adequacy of this provision, a worker who takes maternity leave and receives work insurance benefits receives a supplementary benefit. This advantage corresponds to the difference between 85% (85%) the worker`s weekly base salary and the amount of the worker`s weekly employment insurance benefit and all other income beginning with the employer`s wealth, the worker`s employment insurance cheque to prove that the worker benefits from the work insurance benefits, while the worker receives these benefits for up to seventeen (17) weeks (including two (2) weeks of waiting plus fifteen (15) weeks of maternity leave). Work insurance cheques must be deposited every two weeks, as the payment of this benefit is only made upon presentation to the employer.