Shopee Merchant Agreement

33.9 If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms of Use or the problems encountered in these Terms of Use or on the Site, please contact us at: 4.15 The merchant is required to register regularly, verify the transaction and ensure that no unauthorized transactions have been made. You have all transactions including, but not limited to the amount, the recipient`s information, the date and time of the transactions to check and verify. Dealers can access the transaction history via the dealer dashboard. This dealer usage agreement (“agreement”) exists between you, the user, with a company or other business entity that you represent, if applicable (together “you”), and Neowave Solutions Sdn Bhd. (“Neowave”), the company that offers e-commerce software that is marked as webShaper and allows merchants to create online stores that allow them to sell their products online. Please send all legal instructions to and report that General Counsel 4.7 is not held responsible for loss of fraud and reimbursement if the procedures for accepting transactions under point 4.6 have been followed by merchants. In the event of a dispute, Neowave agrees to a consensual mediation to resolve it. If mediation is inconclusive, we agree with a binding arbitration procedure to be conducted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This agreement is governed by the laws and jurisdiction of the Malaysian country and is interpreted accordingly. (p) content that you cannot make available legally or contractually or fiduciaryly (e.g.B.

privileged information, protected and confidential information learned or disclosed in the context of employment relationships or as part of confidentiality agreements, download, send, publish, communicate or provide other information as part of an employment contract or confidentiality agreements); 8.2 If you own an intellectual property (“owner of the IPR”) or an agent duly authorized by an IPR owner (“DPI agent”) and you believe that your right or right has been violated, please email it to us in writing to and copy it and provide us with the documents requested below to support your claim. Give us time to process the information provided. Shopee will respond to your complaint as quickly as possible. So this is my article about selling on shopee and becoming a shopee seller in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. 7.2 If you believe that a user of our website is violating these Terms of Use, please contact 5.4 Users can cancel their account if they notify Shopee in writing (including by email to of their request. Notwithstanding this termination, users remain responsible and responsible for incomplete transactions (whether they started before or after such termination), sending the product, paying for the product or such products, and users should contact Shopee after immediately and efficiently completing all incomplete transactions in accordance with the Terms of Use. Shopee assumes no responsibility and is not liable for the damage caused by the acts taken under this section.