Sample Of Employment Contract Agreement Malaysia

These conditions are: – The beginning of employment. – The title of the work with the extent of the work requested by the worker. – The number of hours of work to be completed in a week. – The length of the trial period. – Compensation details. – The benefits that the employee would have. – The notice period required for the end of the salary. – The employee`s code of conduct. – The percentage of the EPF`s contribution.

Maternity leave is granted by law to all applicable female workers and may not be fixed in the contract, although you wish to do so to avoid doubts or if you intend to grant benefits beyond what is required by law. The professionals are not employees, so you cannot sign an employment contract with them unless you intend to hire them. Instead, you can use an independent contract contract. Beyond the basics such as the professional title and the employee report manager, you should consider whether it would be beneficial to include a job description or important performance indicators attached to the agreement. In the testimony and agreement, the employer executed this contract in writing by the authorization of the company`s officials and with the employee`s consent. If your company has multiple branches or you predict the likelihood of a “liquid” working relationship, it may be important to emphasize the company`s right to transfer its employee to another site or department. Keep in mind that the clause alone may not be enough, as the employer remains required not to guarantee fundamental changes that are detrimental to the worker`s employment without their consent. A fixed-term contract is used for temporary workers. It still contains all relevant details of an employment contract, but sets a certain period of validity of the agreement.

It is also recognized that if your employment relationship is terminated, you will not ask an employer customer for business for at least [the time period]. While you are employed at the employer, you cannot work for another employer who is in contact with the company or who is competing with the company. You will disclose to your employer all the other jobs you have and you can look for another job if (a.) it does not affect your ability to meet your obligations and (b), you do not help another organization compete with the employer.