Discretionary Portfolio Investment Management Agreement

Discreet investment managers demonstrate their strategies through a systematic approach that facilitates reporting of results and the implementation of investment strategies in a certain way. Investments are not tailored or tailored to a client; On the contrary, investments are made according to client strategies. In other words, clients are grouped according to their goals and risk tolerance. Each group will then create the same investment portfolio from the pool deposited by the clients. The actual client account is separate and the invested funds are weighted on individual investments. Vestoq Ltd. (“Manager”) undertakes to manage the investments for you as a client (“customer”) on the following terms: Subject to the terms of this agreement, the client appoints the director managing his portfolio of assets (including uninvested funds and income for temporal and temporal reasons) held in the manager`s account, as detailed in this agreement (“Account”), free of all pledges and fees (“funds”) to manage the fund at its sole discretion (including by third-party directors), effective in the manager`s notification to the client that it was delivered with each of the documents and statements satisfactory to him, which is required by the manager and/or the laws in force. The Administrator acts in the performance of his duties, powers and obligations under this agreement, in accordance with the standards established by this agreement, in order to achieve investment objectives and in accordance with the restrictions that have been amended from time to time in the investment guidelines and restrictions on the www.vestoq.com website and in the part of this agreement (“Guidelines”). one way or another. Discretionary investment management can only be offered by individuals with extensive investment experience and advanced training knowledge, many investment managers with one or more professional names such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Alternative Analyst Chartered Alternative Analyst (CAIA), Chartered Market Technician (CMT) or Financial Risk Manager (FRM). The investment manager`s strategy may include the purchase of a large number of securities in the market, provided it matches his client`s risk profile and financial objectives. For example, discretionary investment managers may purchase securities such as stocks, bonds, ETFs and financial derivatives.

The client recognizes that the manager`s investment recommendations carry some risk. The client recognizes that all investment activities in the fund are done at the client`s own risk, which may result in the loss of the client`s investment capital, annual income and/or tax benefits. The client acknowledges that the manager does not claim to be able to accurately predict the future short-term performance of a fund or asset class. The client recognizes that the manager must be evaluated before recommending specific investment opportunities to the client. When assessing judgments, the manager agrees to make reasonable efforts to verify the sources of information that he considers valuable, accurate and reliable. The client recognizes that the manager cannot investigate all publicly available sources of information and not.